Easy Ways to Partner with Us

Stand with us as a corporate partner to give back to our community, save unborn babies and promote the Christian values of your business.

Underwrite an Event

Advertise your business by underwriting the costs of our Walk for Life and/or Making a Difference Fundraising Dessert.

Underwriting shows your corporate commitment to giving back to our community, while helping True Care save lives. All underwriters are acknowledged in our newsletter and event programs.

Sponsor our Bimonthly Newsletter

Help us tell others why their investment in True Care is a good one. Our newsletter comes out every other month and is filled with encouraging stories of lives changed and saved.

Donate or Raise Funds

Give a donation or plan a fundraiser to contribute financially to this vital ministry. Your business’s tax-deductible gift will save lives right here in Central Wyoming.

Give an In-Kind Donation

You can help free up the budget at True Care by donating in-kind services.

Every contribution your business makes allows us to redirect funds toward other expenses, such as medical supplies, patient resources and programs. From general maintenance to legal counsel, there’s a need for every service.

Contact us to contribute your business’ professional services and be a part of saving lives in our community.