Erin's Story

“I’m kind of messed up right now. If I am pregnant, I think having an abortion is best for me.” Twenty-two year old Erin was scared and desperately searching for options. She had recently spent time in prison and her life was filled with turmoil. The thought of how her boyfriend would react to the news of a pregnancy made her feel even more desperate. A friend recommended she call True Care. First things first - she had to know for sure if she really was pregnant.

The ultrasound image of her 7-week unborn baby brought tears to Erin’s eyes. That image combined with the assurance that True Care staff would become her mentors and connect her to resources in the community - all at no cost - gave Erin hope and changed her mind about abortion. “I feel better now,” she said. “Seeing the heartbeat and knowing about the help that is here makes a difference. I believe I can do this!”

Amanda's Story

Amanda discovered she was pregnant early in the fall of her junior year of high school. Her father threatened to throw her out of the house if she didn’t have an abortion. He had already taken the keys to her car as well as her cell phone. Amanda felt alone and terrified. She didn’t know where to turn.

Thankfully, a friend suggested Amanda make an appointment at True Care. Here she received relevant, timely and accurate information on all of her options as well as help in finding a place to live. Despite the pressure to abort, this brave young lady chose life for her baby. Just before Thanksgiving, Amanda’s dad asked her to move back home. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in the spring.

Katy's Story

“I’m not ready to be a mom. I have a plan for my life and a baby just doesn’t fit.” Katy came to True Care with her mind made up - or so she thought. She had called the clinic in Fort Collins and scheduled an abortion for later in the week, but she kept seeing a True Care billboard that read: “Know for sure. Know your options.” She couldn’t get those sentences out of her head. Katy confided in a friend who convinced her to come to us first - before making the drive to Fort Collins. Despite her cold, confident exterior, deep down Katy was scared, confused and feeling very much alone. Her boyfriend threatened to leave if she didn’t go through with the abortion and her parents said the decision was up to her.

Katy ultimately chose to cancel her appointment for the abortion! She was horrified when she learned what abortion really is and the effect it could have on her physical and emotional health. The ultrasound image of her unborn brought tears to her eyes. And the chance to receive prenatal education and become connected to resources in the community - all at no cost to her - gave her hope.

Kaylee's Story

Not everyone who walks through our doors is a single teenager. Kaylee shared custody of her two young children with her ex-husband. Her new husband, serving in the military, recently learned he’d be shipped overseas, and though Kaylee could go with him, she was in turmoil about leaving her kids. The possibility of being pregnant and having to fly overseas and make a new home overwhelmed her. She told her Advocate she was leaning toward abortion should she be pregnant.

Kaylee had not informed her husband that she was visiting us for confirmation of her pregnancy, and though she felt he would want her to carry to term, the recent upheaval in her life caused her to consider abortion even though she told us, “It goes against my belief.” She left undecided as to the outcome of her pregnancy. We learned when Kaylee returned for a second ultrasound that she and her husband had celebrated Father’s Day with the news of her pregnancy. “He cried,” our young patient said. “I hope we see a heartbeat today.” Her hope was affirmed, and the Nurse gave her a due date of near Valentine’s Day 2014. Kaylee smiled and told her Advocate that she and her husband intend to parent. Kaylee’s mountain was leveled in one week’s time!

Hope's Story

Hope and her boyfriend had gone to Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test. Hope was not impressed with the quality of service they received there. She told her Advocate, “They weren’t personal at all, it was an awful experience!” Yet, abortion loomed as a strong possibility for this 17-year-old. She had not finished high school and had no job. She was also concerned about what people would think of her if she continued her pregnancy as well as if she had an abortion. She said she felt “scared”, and that, in her mind as well as in the mind of her boyfriend, abortion was the best solution.

The image on the ultrasound revealed a 7-week-old. Hope’s boyfriend also saw the image. The Nurse encouraged them to take some time to consider their decision based upon the information and resources provided and invited them to return for a second ultrasound the following week. During that ultrasound Hope told her Advocate they had talked about their options, reviewed their resource list and further discussed what they should do. They changed their minds about abortion and signed up for the Baby & Me Program! Sometimes our patients just need a little time. The news can be like a hurricane, but having them come back the next week gives them time to slow down, think, and talk it out. That’s what this young couple did, and that time, that discussion, saved the life of their unborn.