Monthly Gift

Your monthly gift does so much more than simply cover expenses. You make it possible for us to spend time with a confused and hurting young woman, helping her slow down and fully consider the implications of all of her choices. You make it possible for us to transform her fears into confidence, empowering her to choose life for her unborn.

At True Care, our services are provided free of charge; thanks to you.

Monthly Gift

Sponsor a Day

Pick a day that is special to you. For just $100.00 a month you can Sponsor A Day at True Care and make your special day even more special!

Our annual budget covers all expenses - utilities, marketing, programs and education for patients, pregnancy testing, sexually transmitted disease testing, ultrasound, staff training, salaries—everything it takes to accomplish our mission.

Pick a day, commit to a $100.00 monthly pledge to Sponsor A Day and in 12 months you will have covered all expenses for your special day!

Sponsor a Day


Thanks for Considering Sponsor a Day!

Your name, or the name of someone you would like to honor, will be posted in our bimonthly newsletter.

At True Care, our services are provided free of charge—thanks to you.

Christians today are often described as judgmental, radical or narrow-minded. Sponsor A Day is an opportunity to show by example that you do care and are willing to show the love of Christ without any strings attached.


"True Care is a supportive and caring organization that lives true to its name. The staff works tirelessly to provide valuable resources for those faced with questions and decisions around pregnancy. They provide information and options in a loving and empowering way. They offer free ultrasounds, medical testing, and other services. Organization leadership operates in a fiscally responsible manner with integrity and transparency.
You can know a tree by its fruit, and True Care's fruit is saving more than 200 little lives a year!"

Ryan & Karen Kelly

"Ken and I are spiritual farmers who enjoy sowing into "God fields". We believe that our finances are an important part of the seeds we have been directed to plant.
Many years ago we found one of several fields in which we knew there was "God soil", then called The Caring Center, now renamed True Care. We give monthly to True Care because we believe it is "true care" of the precious seed of life that is at risk in both mothers and unborn children. We understand the fertileness of this ground. We know the workers assigned to this field...their passion, their commitment, their integrity, their tireless stand with young women who need wise counsel and loving support. We give and will continue to give to True Care because it is a field in which our financial seed produces an incorruptible harvest-----a precious harvest of life."

Ken & Marilyn Neal

"We are most thankful to be a part of the mission of True Care. We have been supporting organizations like yours for years. Though many are drifting away from this reality, I personally believe that the church is pro-life. Our family supports you personally and we support you corporately as a church. Being pro-life is much more than a vote, it means being involved in and supporting organizations like True Care. If it wasn’t for an organization like yours, our oldest daughter would not be here. When Jessica was 16, her mother tried to take her to an abortion clinic to talk her into having an abortion. Yet God had different plans. Her mom accidentally took her to a facility much like True Care. The staff there talked to Jessica’s mom about the importance of life and she made the right choice. And here we are today. We have five lovely girls, and we continue to support organizations like True Care that make a difference in the world."

Pastor Derek & Jessica Elkins, First Church of the Nazarene