6 Ways to Love and Help Someone Considering Abortion


You learn your daughter’s friend is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and is considering abortion – what do you do? Here are five ways to show love and compassion toward someone who is considering abortion.

  1. Don’t judge. Oftentimes women considering abortion have situations or circumstances that bring them to that decision. Some women experience coercion, whether by family members or the father of the baby, and if someone they love pressures them toward that decision, they hesitate to say no.
  2. Refer them to True Care. We offer medical services, pregnancy options education, and long-term programs at no-cost. We compassionately walk alongside women, empowering them to choose life even in the midst of pressure from loved ones.
  3. Tell the truth – in love. If she suspects, or knows, how far along she is, help her understand the humanity of her unborn with facts about fetal development. There are many websites that explain the development of an unborn child, including The Baby Center (https://www.babycenter.com/pregnancy/your-baby/fetal-development-week-by-week_10406730) and the March of Dimes (https://www.marchofdimes.org/pregnancy/week-by-week.aspx). Plus, a three-minute video created by Live Action also shows the amazing journey an unborn child undertakes as it grows inside the womb: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-lQOooYAs8&t=4s
  4. Empower her. Many women are told they cannot be mothers if they attend high school or college, if they want to start or maintain a career, if they don’t have insurance, if they make minimum wage, or are in other less than ideal situations. They are told their lives must be perfect before they are ready for parenthood. That’s a lie – women graduate from law school, graduate school, college and high school while pregnant or parenting. Women have successful careers. Women, including those who are single, can be parents no matter their circumstances. She may need help along the way but reassure her that she can do this, and help is Remind her that she is strong and capable enough to raise her baby, despite the circumstances.
  5. Encourage her to consider adoption. Although a woman may not feel ready to be a parent, abortion doesn’t have to be the answer. Encourage her to consider adoption and to fully look into this option. Perhaps you can introduce her to someone who has placed a child for adoption or to an adoptive mother or adopted child. Remind her that adoption has changed dramatically over the years, and that the birth mom has complete control through the process.
  6. Help her consider her options. Encourage and help her seriously consider all her pregnancy options. Perhaps assist her in creating a pro-and-con list for each option, reminding her that ultimately, the decision is hers, not yours, not her parents’ and not the father’s. No one should, nor can they legally, pressure her into a decision.

We can all be someone’s friend, listening ear, and shoulder to cry on when a woman we know faces an unplanned pregnancy.

For more thoughts on helping a woman who is considering abortion, visit Live Action here:


and here: https://www.liveaction.org/news/pro-life-pregnant-parenting-teenager/