Serving With Compassion and Impacting Life

True Care Women’s Resource Center became part of the Casper Community nearly 35 years ago; we were known as The Caring Center in those days. Before we were True Care, before we were a medical clinic with professionally-trained nurses, we were here for the women of our community experiencing unplanned pregnancies and considering abortion.

The pregnancy help movement began before Roe v. Wade, primarily with maternity homes for single mothers. When abortion was legalized across the United States in 1973 through that Supreme Court decision, other resources for women facing unplanned pregnancies popped up across the country, including pregnancy help centers.

Life Trends 2020

Today, more than 1,700 pregnancy help organizations in the United States thrive through affiliation with Heartbeat International, including True Care. Through that connection, we in the pro-life pregnancy help movement are more professionally-minded, whether as medical clinics or resource centers, or a mixture of both. True Care is part of that mix; we serve patients medically and we provide programs and services, such as our Baby & Me and Resource Programs. We also offer an abortion healing program for women who struggle with their abortion decision, whether that happened last year or twenty years ago. Our Adopt-a-College-Student Program assists and encourages young women as they further their education as single moms.

True Care and our sister pregnancy centers serves with compassion, just as Christ calls His followers to do – just as He did when He walked the earth. Pregnancy centers impact lives, and therefore, LIFE.

Recently, Heartbeat International released their Life Trends 2020 Report. More than 5.6 million women visited pregnancy centers across America last year, either for medical or program services, virtually or in-person. Nearly 500,000 ultrasounds were given (for free), and nearly 400,000 mothers chose life for their babies. Serving with love and compassion impacts life!

Other notable statistics from Heartbeat’s report:

1. More than 50 percent of abortions in the U.S. are now chemical (“the abortion pill”), up from 40 percent in recent years.

2. Almost 1,000 medical professionals are now on board to assist with Abortion Pill Reversal® (APR) compared with 750 two years ago.

3. There was an increase of more than 90 percent in the number of APR starts (where a woman started the progesterone procedure) in 2020 compared with 2019, and more than 750 unborn lives were saved through APR in 2020 (completed reversals in which healthy babies were born), compared with 400 in 2019. No wonder the abortion industry fights to keep APR from being known, often referring to the procedure as ‘junk science,’ and even disrupting Heartbeat’s Option Line and Abortion Pill Rescue Network® (APRN) earlier this year.

Partnerships Vital to Saving Lives

True Care’s nurses are trained in the APR protocol. We are grateful to now have a sign between Douglas and Glenrock, heading north on I-25, to let women know it’s okay for them to change their minds as they’re driving back from a chemical abortion appointment in Colorado. Local Knights of Columbus chapters as well as our friends and supporters in Converse County have made this signage possible. We look forward to helping the women who see it and contact us through the Abortion Pill Rescue Network®! More than 357,000 phone and website contacts were connected to pregnancy resource centers via Heartbeat’s Option Line and APRN last year, many of which were for Abortion Pill Reversal®.

Partnerships are critical to True Care’s work, whether that’s affiliation with other pro-life groups such as our local Natrona4Life or national organizations like Heartbeat. Partnerships include individuals like you, local businesses and churches, and the other pregnancy centers in our state. We are not an isolated island in the ocean; we are a chain, a collection of like-minded people led by God to embrace hurting women. Because of our partners, True Care provides the critical, relevant services these women need, showing them the truth about life and encouraging their self-esteem and bravery through an unplanned pregnancy.

Serving with compassion DOES impact lives, often saving women and their unborn from the horror of abortion. We are grateful for all our partners in this ministry. THANK YOU!