Why We Walk Each Summer

She came through our doors after scheduling her appointment for an in-center visit. The 25-year-old was already a mother to three toddlers. With tears in her eyes, she told her Advocate she was planning to abort.

“I just can’t bring another child into our household,” said ‘Katie.’ “My husband works out-of-town and is often gone for weeks at a time. I have very little support. I don’t go anywhere, and I’ve been experiencing a great deal of anxiety and depression. I just can’t do this again so soon!”

Because she was too early for an ultrasound and she appeared abortion-determined, the Advocate thoroughly reviewed all our patient’s pregnancy options. As she learned more about abortion, our patient cried, indicating to the Advocate the woman was conflicted. Our Advocate encouraged Katie to spend the week before her ultrasound appointment to seriously consider each option, to create a pro-and-con list, and to listen to her heart.

When Katie returned the following week, she told her Advocate she was “grateful” for the options conversation and for the time to think through her situation and her options.

“I’m going to continue the pregnancy,” Katie said. “I talked with my husband and we agreed that even though it’s a tough situation and I’m home alone most of the time, that we can have this baby. He’s going to move me and the kids closer to where he’s working. That creates anxiety in some ways, but at least he’ll be home more often if we’re living closer to his job.”

During the ultrasound, Katie smiled when she saw her six-week-old with a beating heart. “That’s a beautiful sight,” she said.

Why We Walk

We walk for Katie. We also walk for the other two abortion-determined women we’ve seen this year who rejected their original decision and are continuing their pregnancies.

We walk for the 36 abortion-minded women we’ve seen in 2021 so far who also chose life over death.

We walk for ‘Becca’ and Michelle, who not only made a decision for life, but both bravely chose adoption. Only about one percent of women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy in the U.S. make an adoption plan.

True Care’s 16th annual Walk for Life takes place on Saturday, June 5, 2021. Every summer we gather, even during 2020 (on a smaller scale) and hit the North Platte River Trail. Some come as families, some in small groups of friends or church congregations, some as individuals. Strollers are pushed. Dogs are walked. Conversations happen. New friends are made. All for one cause: LIFE!

Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). True Care showcases life – life for the unborn, life for the mother, and for the father. Our medical services, especially the ultrasound, show the unborn’s beating heart, saving many pre-born children from abortion. When a woman chooses life for her unborn baby, she also chooses life for herself, saving her from the potential emotional and physical side-effects of abortion. When fathers-to-be support life for their pre-born children, they are also being saved from the guilt and regret of abortion.

We walk for parents-to-be.

Not only do our in-house programs (Baby & Me, Fathering in 15, and Resource) help these parents, but the Gospel presentation given by our Advocates, Program Director, and Resource Coordinator and through the Embrace Grace discipleship program can mean the eternal salvation for our patients.

That’s another reason we walk.

We also walk for the 74 unborn lives saved from abortion thus far in 2021, those coming in the future, as well as the nearly 200 unborn lives saved from abortion last year.

Come Walk With Us!

If you have not already done so, please register to be a sponsored walker for this year’s Walk for Life. If you can’t gather with us at the North Casper Athletic Complex on June 5, feel free to walk beforehand or afterward. Simply register on our Website:  and ask friends and family, Bible study colleagues, co-workers, and others to support you financially. You don’t even have to collect the money; True Care will bill your sponsors. Then just walk your two miles!

However, if you can join us on that first Saturday in June, you’ll have opportunity to feast at the pancake breakfast put on by the Knights of Columbus, mingle with some superheroes and have your photo taken with them (or your kids/grandkids can do so!), and hang out with like-minded, pro-life people.

Michael, youth pastor at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, and 10-year-old Kareen, who will participate in her 6th Walk for Life this summer, share their ‘why’s’ of walking in video’s found Here.

No matter how you choose to walk, know that you are helping women like Katie and their unborn when you Walk for Life!

Below is a photo of Kareen when she was four years old, taking part in the Walk for Life for the first time – a Super Hero indeed!